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NZ Indian Volleyball Premier Championship - 2023

Registration Form (Last date : 05/11/2023) - Sunday
Due to time and facility constrains, the maximum teams we can accomdate is 12 to 13
Its important that you register the teams ASAP to secure your participation
For multiple team entries(Same club, team A,B), please contact 0211615254 for discounts.


Participation Rules (Important)
Players should be of Indian origin living in New Zealand atleast for the past 3 months (Residents, Citizens, Students)

1. Tournament Overview
1.1. The following terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for participation in the NZ Indian Volleyball Premier Championship 2023  (hereinafter referred to as “the Tournament”).
1.2. The Tournament is organized by Navodaya New Zealand and will be held on 11/11/2023 at Allan Brewster Leisure Centre

2. Team Registration
2.1. Teams interested in participating in the Tournament must complete the official registration form provided by the Organizer.
2.2. Each team may consist of a minimum of 6 Players and a maximum of 12 players.
2.3. Registration fees of $140 must be paid in full to secure a team’s participation in the Tournament. Fees are non-refundable.
2.4. The registration deadline is sunday 29th October 2023 . Late registrations will not be accepted.

3. Tournament Rules
3.1. All participating teams must adhere to the official rules of volleyball as governed by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).
3.2. Teams are responsible for ensuring that their players’ equipment, uniforms, and conduct comply with the Tournament rules and regulations.
3.3. Substitutions and player additions are not allowed after the registration deadline.

4. Tournament Format
4.1. The Tournament starts with group round-robin (4 groups, A, B,C & D) and elimination from Quarter finals

5. Code of Conduct
5.1. All participants, including players, coaches, and supporters, are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner throughout the Tournament.
5.2. Unsportsmanlike behavior, including but not limited to foul language, aggressive conduct, and disrespect towards officials or other teams, may result in penalties, disqualification, or expulsion from the Tournament.

6. Safety and Medical
6.1. Teams must ensure the safety of their players and provide any necessary medical assistance in case of injuries.
6.2. The Organizer is not liable for any injuries sustained during the Tournament.

7. Awards
7.1. Awards, such as trophies, medals, or cash prizes, will be presented to the top-performing teams as determined by the Tournament format.

8. Photography and Media
8.1. By participating in the Tournament, teams grant the Organizer the right to use photographs, videos, and other media for promotional and publicity purposes.

9. Weather and Force Majeure
9.1. In the event of adverse weather conditions or circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, the Tournament schedule may be adjusted or postponed.

10. Dispute Resolution
10.1. Any disputes or protests must be submitted in writing to the Organizer’s Tournament Director within 2hrs after the match in question.

11. Amendments
11.1. The Organizer reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions and will communicate any changes to registered teams.

12. Admission
12.1. To qualify for this tournament you should be an Indian national by origin.

13. Referee
13.1  Game decisions will be decided through self-refereeing till first round of elimination matches.
13.2  The captain of the winning team will be responsible for reporting the game score to the individual at the Score Reporting table
13.3  Every team has to nominate two referees. The names will be added to the schedule accordingly.
13.4  The team captain can amend the list during the event if any circumstances arises.
13.5  Referees must have a thorough understanding of official volleyball rules, establish procedures to resolving disputes, impartial and sound communication to maintain control of the game.

14. Playoffs
14.1. The number of matches and the game points you win within the round robin pools will determine which playoff division your team will be a part of.  Standing calculation are completed through the following rules.
a) Match points
b) SRatio (set)
c) PRatio (Point)
d) Point difference
e)  Points for

15. Contact Information
15.1. For enquiries, please contact

Biju George (Sports co-ordinator – Navodaya New Zealand)
Ph: 021 161 5254
Binu P Abraham (Convenor – Navodaya Auckland Committee)
Ph: 022 323 1823
Sajith Chandran (Joint Secretary – Navodaya New Zealand)
Ph: 021 256 8234

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